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can't find it

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Hey all. Just wondering if someone on TT could tell me where I could find the chrome part that goes around the tail-gate handle on the black molding. If anyone knows that would be awesome.

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ebay.... Nissan Titan... pages 65 or 66 of search. LOL
Ebay Has Them, But They Have Everything!
Bhudda454 said:
ebay.... Nissan Titan... pages 65 or 66 of search. LOL
yeah thanks. I knew I should have looked on Pg 66. LOL.

Nice quote by the way. HUA
Carbeaux said:

I have the second one, it is a testy ***** trying to get it on. The press they use doesn't have the burger cut-out squar in relation to the rest of the part. As it is entirely covered in t3M on the back, be VERY VERY Sure of where you want it. This is my 2nd one though. I also had this one on my 04. I just like it more than the other one.

Hope All of this info helps in your quest to make your truck more "Yours"
I got mine at:

had it hear over night and I did not ask or pay for the express shipping.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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