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Cant Find These Rims...

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hey fellas. ive seen some of these rims on a few titans, but cant seem to find out what kind they are or anything.

but to describe them, the look kinda like the moto metals 951b. but they are chrome where the black is and black where the chrome is. i looked at all the different moto metals, and its not them. but basically they looks a lot like the 951b, except the finished are switched.

any help is greatly appreciated...
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look into Diamo
they have similar styles to what ur describing

if u find them post a pic
im curoious as to what that looks like
mebbe the d1ck cepeks?

dc-1 i think it is?
i looked into both of them, close...but not quite. the diamo 17 karat black and 8 karat black are closer to what im lookin for than the DC-1. but not exactly.

i can picture them in my head, just hard to describe them.
If your looking for something that looks like the Moto Metal 951 black, look at the Ultra Thunder. Looks just like it.
AR has a set that looks similar the MM 951b...

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haha....still no luck. take the above picture; on the rims im lookin for, they are black where the above is chrome, and chrome where the above is black.

oh well, i already have a set of rims. so its not like i MUST know what kind they are, i was just wondering. thanks for the help fellas!

check the Intimidator wheel out at the bottom. Like mine only black and chrome????
close...but still no cigar.

i actually really like those intimidatorII rims, theyre pretty sweet!!!
Try looking on they have a huge selection. I've ordered from them twice - good people. I have a set of BZO Famous-2 22" rims with Falken 305/45/22 tires due here on friday...can't wait to see them on the titan. Hope this helps you...
How about this one.....

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