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Canteen Titan said:
THANKS! Actually I live in the City of Richmond in the Near West End not too far from the Fan area. The pics were taken out at a friend's house in the country in Louisa Co. Made for some really cool pics IMO.

Oh, ok. I saw in the "location" area under your name it said Richmond, but when i saw the picture of your ride i said "that don't look like its IN the city to me".....for some reason all those trees looked sorta Henrico-ish (if that makes any sense :lol: )
Yeah, I know the Fan pretty well. I'm a Richmond boy myself....grew up on Southside, but I haven't lived in VA in over 20 years though. Good to see a fellow Richmonder here! :cheers:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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