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I want to build my 1st car pc and I've been doing alot of research. Below are what I came up with and I appreciate your feedback. For now, sound quality is not a priority as long as it sounds factory or better. I care more about functionality, reliability, and clean dash look. I also care about ease of returning back to stock and transferring this to my wife's SUV or my next vehicle. I have posted the same thread over on MP3Car and Centrafuse for feedback but figured I could get more help here with the Titan specific questions highlighted in red below...

Motherboard: ASRock H67M-ITX
CPU: Intel Celeron G530
SSD: Crucial M4 64GB
Case: ByByte BBX-1 Mini-ITX
Touch Screen: Capacitive Multi-touch 7" LCD
Power Supply: M4-ATX 250w
Amp: TDA7850 with Denoiser
Microphone: Phoenix Audio MT107A
Radio: Directed DMHD-1000 + Mitch's Interface Cable
Steering Wheel Control: Joycon EX
GPS Receiver: i-Blue GM-2
Bluetooth: AZiO BTD211
WiFi: Airlink101 802.11n AWLL6075
O/S: Windows 7
Frontend: Centrafuse Auto 4.0
Wiring Harness: Speakers + Power, Steering Wheel Control??, Antenna??

A few questions I have:

  • Touch Screen
    Will it fit right into the ByByte BBX-1?
    Does it support auto-on?
    Any video issues using Intel HD?
    Is 800*480 possible?

  • M4-ATX
    Any issues powering the PC, touch screen, amp, and all above USB devices (except Directed HD)?

  • Microphone
    Any cheaper alternatives to the expensive Phoenix MT107A that can reliably perform voice commands and clear, echo-free calling?

  • Bluetooth
    Is AZiO BTD211 a good choice for Centrafuse? Main use is handsfree calling and phone book sharing.
    Do I have to install IVT BlueSoleil software to work properly with Centrafuse?
    Any other inexpensive usb dongles that support 3.0 EDR and Centrafuse?
  • Vehicle Specific (2005 SE with mid-range 6-disc stereo)
    Will Joycon EX work with my steering wheel controls?
    Is there a steering wheel control wiring harness? I really don't want to cut into the factory wires.
    Do I need an antenna adapter to plug the factory antenna into Directed HD? I am having trouble finding one.


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if you already have the control interface on your steering wheel, you'll more than likely have to splice or cut into the wiring. if you dont then all you'll need is any universal interface to attach to the steering wheel and run the wiring to your setup.

An antenna adapter might be required if you're using a FM modulator to connect your directed hd tuner to your system setup. I know that Crutchfield use to ship adapters right along with their tuners for free, so you might try callin them for some info on that.

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Thanks for the feedback! However, I ran into a roadblock. The double-din case won't fit behind my dash. It is too long. I removed my stock stereo and measured depth behind the dash. It's about 35mm short! Back to the drawing board. I'll have to mount my car pc elsewhere if I want to keep a mini-ITX motherboard (which I really do!)
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