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Car/Titan show at Delaware technical community college

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My friend of mine is setting up a car show with his college. He wants titans to come so I was thinking of having a titan meet there. He wont know the exact date for a few weeks but it will be sometime around May. There will be other clubs there as well. I will keep everyone posted on the dates and whatnot.
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May sounds good. Don't let it fall on June 14th, it's the NC Meet at the Rock. But May sounds good. :)
I've got it on my schedule! That date is a Sunday correct?

Make it 100% and I'll do all I can to be there! I'll be promoting this as the place to be... :)
If I'm at this meet, the TA will be a freebie for all who want one. Need confirmation of the meets schedule, etc.

Looking forward to some good updates on the meet. :)
DeadRiver said:
did you post this on CT aka Mayberry?

be good to see of those guys again too.
You must have seen my post over there today! I made mention of Mayberry today. lol.

I won't mention this until bleedingbuddies confirms the meet. This is his baby, but I'm glad to help feed it if I can!

A NJ meet won't be happening as our main man there is shifting locations, but we still have The Rock in June, this in May hopefully, and if you wish, the Air and Space Museum meet at Dulles Airport on Feb 23rd. That should keep us busy for awhile!

Lots of things are happening in the area! :)
What's the latest info?
What, who me?!

I just posted in the NE Forum where "dogstar" wants to set up a lunch meet for Eastern PA/NJ, in Quakertown, PA. This is just outside of and NW of Philadelphia. It is in Bucks County.

No date set, but looking for interested parties to pursue. Sign up and we can have something. Decent location for me, about 2-1/2-3 hr drive. I get to Philly for work sometimes, so looks easy to get to. I'd strongly prefer a Saturday Meet over Sunday. Much easier. I can even stretch out Saturday afternoon and evening, and go home early Sunday morning.
I'm PMing dogstar so he sees this thread.

I think he's got a Meet! A may date is still doable, Easy relaxed social meet...

Let's move on over there and get signed up. You coming bleedingbuddies?
Your Box is full, but here's the scoop!

"Dogstar" is hosting a simple little meet (he thinks it is simple little. lol) around Quakertown, PA. in May. See this thread and join in!
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