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Car/Titan show at Delaware technical community college

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My friend of mine is setting up a car show with his college. He wants titans to come so I was thinking of having a titan meet there. He wont know the exact date for a few weeks but it will be sometime around May. There will be other clubs there as well. I will keep everyone posted on the dates and whatnot.
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sounds good, keep us posted.
May would be great. We could have 3 East Coast Titan events, this show in May, the ROCK in June, and perhaps the Super Meet in Jersey in July. Any word on that yet?
TitanBlue said:
If I'm at this meet, the TA will be a freebie for all who want one. Need confirmation of the meets schedule, etc.

Looking forward to some good updates on the meet. :)
did you post this on CT aka Mayberry?

be good to see of those guys again too.
54warrior said:
May 11 sounds good to me, with any luck, I'll have my SAWs installed by then and possibly the 'wrap' on my rocker panels!!
oh yeah, did you figure all that out yet??
ha ha nope, I stick with TT as two forums would kill all productivity! I just was trying to be funny with the May and Mayberrer :)

Dulles? I thought that was in TX? Is that posted on this site as well?? Haven't ventured into the NE section for a while.
got a 19.2 volt cordless sawzall but truck would have to stay in the driveway... garage is way too low..
titanblue, any idears?
bump for this thread.... and heading to the other.

Quakertown is pretty close by for me.
1 - 8 of 33 Posts
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