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Car/Titan show at Delaware technical community college

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My friend of mine is setting up a car show with his college. He wants titans to come so I was thinking of having a titan meet there. He wont know the exact date for a few weeks but it will be sometime around May. There will be other clubs there as well. I will keep everyone posted on the dates and whatnot.
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Del Tech sounds great seeing as one of their campus' is right near my house. Hopefully I can finally get the "2*Timing Advance" done! Will there be anyone there that will be doing this? If so, how much for the service? As Titan Blue knows, I've been trying to get that done on my Titan for a while now. Del Tech has a couple of campus' in Delaware. I don't believe you want to use the one in Wilmington, just because of accessibility issues and not a great area. There is a campus close to the Christiana Mall on Churchman's Road (SR58). This campus has a huge parking lot and is very easy to get to from I-95 or Delaware's Route 1, depending on how you would be coming in. Let's lock in a date and hope to see a big turnout!:gunz:
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