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Car/Titan show at Delaware technical community college

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My friend of mine is setting up a car show with his college. He wants titans to come so I was thinking of having a titan meet there. He wont know the exact date for a few weeks but it will be sometime around May. There will be other clubs there as well. I will keep everyone posted on the dates and whatnot.
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May 11 sounds good to me, with any luck, I'll have my SAWs installed by then and possibly the 'wrap' on my rocker panels!!
DeadRiver said:
oh yeah, did you figure all that out yet??
The leak I had was a trans. cooler line which was fixed under warranty.

I also bought new SAW's, which I would have had installed in about 1 hour, unfortunately, the pass side lower shock bolt was frozen inside the stock coilover. That meant I had to put it all back together with the stock stuff in there. I don't have a sawzall and can't really have my truck torn apart for long here in my apartments so I scrapped the idea till I can either go back home where I will have access to a heated garage and a sawzall, or one of you fellas offers up a warm dry place to work for <2 hours and a sawzall to cut the old bolt out(hint! hint!) I'll supply the beer.:popcorn:
I'm up for Quakertown.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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