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Car/Titan show at Delaware technical community college

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My friend of mine is setting up a car show with his college. He wants titans to come so I was thinking of having a titan meet there. He wont know the exact date for a few weeks but it will be sometime around May. There will be other clubs there as well. I will keep everyone posted on the dates and whatnot.
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What's the latest info?
The dean is ****ing around. He wont give my friend an answer. Im sorry for the huge delay. I'll see what I can do.
Sounds like it would be cool to have something in the BIG state of DE. Would it be del tech in dover?? Hopefully I will have some other stuff done to the truck or maybe a new set of wheelies..... Props for trying to get a show on the board!
I just talked to my friend who was trying to organize all of this. The dean backed out and said we can't have the meet. Im really sorry guys. I'll see what I can do about trying to have a meet around the same time.
titanblue, any idears?
What, who me?!

I just posted in the NE Forum where "dogstar" wants to set up a lunch meet for Eastern PA/NJ, in Quakertown, PA. This is just outside of and NW of Philadelphia. It is in Bucks County.

No date set, but looking for interested parties to pursue. Sign up and we can have something. Decent location for me, about 2-1/2-3 hr drive. I get to Philly for work sometimes, so looks easy to get to. I'd strongly prefer a Saturday Meet over Sunday. Much easier. I can even stretch out Saturday afternoon and evening, and go home early Sunday morning.
I'm up for Quakertown.
I'm PMing dogstar so he sees this thread.

I think he's got a Meet! A may date is still doable, Easy relaxed social meet...

Let's move on over there and get signed up. You coming bleedingbuddies?
bump for this thread.... and heading to the other.

Quakertown is pretty close by for me.
I'm only 30 miles from Quakertown. Easy to get to from the Northeast extension of the turnpike or from Rte 78 for you "Westerners". :lol: It's just off Rte 663 of the Turnpike extension. There are a few malls there with BIG parking lots... TGI Fridays.... Applebee's.... lots of places to meet. Meyer's Restaurant has been torn down (GREAT homestyle cooked food and the best bakery in the area), but there's still lots of other stuff near there....
Whatever you guys decide (assuming you do) - include me on the PM - I'm interested...
Your Box is full, but here's the scoop!

"Dogstar" is hosting a simple little meet (he thinks it is simple little. lol) around Quakertown, PA. in May. See this thread and join in!
Thanks - I did read that... I just need to make sure my schedule is clear for that, but otherwise I'm in.
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