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rrumaner said:
OK the truck is dirty and it is still cold outside. Should I go to a no-touch full serve carwash and let them do their thing or wait until it warms up and do it myself.

I really hate to see the truck so dirty but we are expecting more rain/snow for the next few days which means it is going to get real dirty real fast.

I used to take my Durango to this place every other week and they really do a good job. I am just worried about the 'newness' of the paint and the potential of it getting scratched or something.

I do need to get some Rain-X on the windows however.
Good questions rrumanner. I hope everyone can add a thought on car washing since all of us proud new Titan owners will be doing that a lot. I'm sure we can get some good tips.

Power washers don't really work well in my area. There is just too much road grime that has oil in it. It doesn't matter how close you hold the nozzle or what cleaning solution you use, the grime still stays. I am also worried about putting too much PSI on my paint and using very strong chemicals.

The best thing you can do is spend some money and build you a car washing kit with plenty of all the stuff you will need. I bought all new sponges, towels, buckets, mag wheel brush and soap. Soon I am going to buy a brush with a long handle to put an end to all of the bending and reaching. The brush that I am going to buy will have soft cloth mop on it rather than nylon bristles. I see a lot of squeegees for sale to dry your vehicle off. It looks like it they have a very soft clear silicone blade. Does anyone know if these work? I wash my truck at my in-laws house because when they built their house they had an outside faucet that gets its water from the hot water tank. Hot water removes grime better and makes washing in the winter more enjoyable. I'm just mentioning this in case someone is building a house, they might want to add this feature in their plans.

For those of you in cold climates I think I would pay to have it done until springtime. I think the most important advise is to constantly rinse out your sponge and soap bucket, otherwise you will be sanding your Titan rather than washing it. :crying:

I use the new Castrol product rather Rain-X. Rain-X always streaked the windows on my cars and Castrol doesn't seem to do that.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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