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Car wont start

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I just bought an 06 titan se and i had to drive from texas to virginia and everything fine until i got to virginia and my car wont start, so i figure the battery was dead so i tried jumping it but when i try to start the car, the car would make a clicking sound and all the gauge would go to the far left and starts twitching. Anyone know what the problem is before i go to the store and buy a new battery. Also after a couple of minutes i try restarting the car and it would work but when i got home from a 40 mins trip to somewhere i turn it off and try turning it back up and it dies again
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whew alright it came out to be the battery, but im kind of wondering what could of cause it because it look like a pretty new battery. Does anyone think it can be a usb car adapter that i left plug in w/ the tomtom attach to it at all times
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