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Carbonfiber Tailgate bib

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Has anyone seen tailgate bibs similar to the chrome but in carbonfiber. I got the carbonfiber tail lights, and would like to get the door pillars ( which I've seen on line ) and door moldings if there out there.
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These guys could probably make you some. If not just buy CF stickers and cover them.
whered you find the door pillars?
Door pillar covers were on ebay if I remember correctly
Just-in said:
whered you find the door pillars?
Jason Bartman has some CF door pillar cover.
I got those when they first came out. Been almost 3 years and they look as good as new. They're not cheap but they do hold up real good.
I found a site that might be able to help if anyone is interested.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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