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Did anyone go through to get their Titan? If so, how was the experience?
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BAMDEM said:
Did anyone go through to get their Titan? If so, how was the experience?
I have not ordered my Titan through Cars Direct, but two years ago I ordered a new Acura TL / Nav. from Stoneage (now a similar service.

My experience was excellence. I negogiated an excellent price and had the car ordered from the factory and delivered to my driveway in six weeks. I also saved approx. $2K. I can't speak for Cars Direct but I will defiinitely consider an Internet generated order again when I am ready to order the Titan.

Barrett :clap:
Thanks for the information, I've been looking at Carsdirect and they're only a little over invoice. I will check and see what they quote. Hopefully I can order my Titan soon.
BAMDEM said:
Thanks for the information, I've been looking at Carsdirect and they're only a little over invoice. I will check and see what they quote. Hopefully I can order my Titan soon.
Actually, the way the system worked for me (they may have changed it since then) is that I entered data such as how far was I willing to drive to get the car. I entered 500 miles and asked for quotes on the VM Passat and the Acura. Several dealers contacted me directly and I negotiated from there. Since they could keep the holdback while selling a customer they normally would not see they offered a better deal then the local dealers (who would not budge on the Acura MSRP).
Can someone tell me how they get the price? I configured my Titan and it shows a "Target Price," MSRP and Invoice. Target price is same as MSRP. What gives? Where do I see these low prices? Do I have to keep going and get a quote by phone from the sales people there?
I went through them and bought a Titan just 2 weeks ago.....basically I was contacted by a dealer....dealt with (in my case) the fleet/internet sales.....and feel like I got a good price....

On their target price ...I think they come up with information from the dealerships on completed sales to other Cars Direct buyers in your area (if they don't have a dealer in your area you get sticker).......I've been told you can get a better price if you're into the whole negoating thing.......My price ended up being about $200 under what Edmunds.Com stated was the average for my area...and their price didn't include the tinted windows, scotchgard...ect (dealer add on crap...) that I did I felt pretty good.....
I have been looking at using their serivce as well. I have gone ahead and requested dealer quotes through thier service and so far have been contacted by the 2 dealers tht operate with them here in Denver. I want a SE 4x4 CC with the RF package, OR pkg, utility track pkg, and big tow. The quote given from carsdirect was 30900(+/-) and so far I have been quoted over the phone and internet 31600 from one dealer (not a walk out the door price, just price on the truck alone) and 32504 (out the door, final price) from the other dealer. I believe these to be pretty good quotes as the MSRP is around 35000, invoice at 31500 (Edmunds). Bearing in mind that the edmunds price does not include tax and other charges that the dealers come up with (which are negotiable). This is including the 1000 rebate. I think that I can do better. I have been cold calling some other internet managers and requesting quotes, letting them know that I have a carsdirect quote as well. The carsdirect quote does not include tax (I think) which is about 1300 for me. Still debating whether or not to complete the deal through carsdirect or to work with the dealer that gives the best price. If anybody has advice, I would appreciate it. Also considering ordering my truck, but the have to wait 60 days or so and not sure what kind, if any rebates at that point. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.
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I asked to be contacted by dealers using Cars Direct and I'll update when I hear from them today.
I don't get what you guys are talking about with the traget price at When I go on there it gives me MSRP, Invoice, and the CarsDirect price. The CarsDirect price on all Titans is Invoice minus the $1000 rebate ($1000 under invoice) and all dealers that have contacted me offered the same price. Are you guys saying that you're getting quotes over invoice?
The price I got quoted fro carsdirect was 31128. MSRP was 35340. Don't know what you are looking at. Average invoice is around 31500. Best quote I have gotten from a dealer, just based on a couple of phone calls, no haggling is 31600. So do you wait and go 100 over invoice, potentially haggle down, or order through carsdirect? That is the question....In all reality, I think I could be happy at 31600 tommorrow instead of waiting for 31128.
I'm sorry guys, but I'm still not getting a "CARSDIRECT" price. The responses I got from dealers were typical "Come down and see us" crap. Can anyone tell me where or how I find this price that is near invoice?
My experience with CarsDirect was a year or so ago. I spec'd out a vehicle to a CD associate b/c I did not want to end up "in the box" at a dealership. Everything went as planned and the car arrived right off the trailer with all the plastic in about 3-4 days. I traveled 45 miles on a Fri nite and met a salesman (only one I could see) and would have bought it but it flunked the test drive and I cancelled and walked out. It was a forum issue that these vehicles had lurching tranny's and thats why I didn't buy. Otherwise it would have all been over quickly. The price is guaranteed upfront or no deal.

It is my best tool to get a real world price on a potential vehicle. You may be able to do better at a dealership doing the old school method but IMO why bother? Try reading the confession of a car salesman thread if you havn't already. This is the future of car buying and the old doing battle with salesman days are numbered. They served a valuable function that was worth paying for at one time but their contribution to the car buying is quickly fading b/c there is an alternative to this.
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I've bought all my vehicles with Saves alot of time and takes the drudgery out of dealing with sales folk. I had Carsdirect do all the leg work and I just showed up at the dealer to pick up the keys. I saved 4k on one vehicle and 1k on another.

Funny thing was that I had to go outside San Diego to get a good deal. Los Angeles seems to move more cars so the deals are better.

I have not purchased a vehicle through CarsDirect, but i have goofed around with the site a lot. It is my understanding that there a two different ways to go: (1) using Carsdirect as a referral to a dealer in your area, and (2) dealing directly with CarsDirect for pricing, and taking delivery from a local dealer. Method #2 is supposed to be at their "target" price (plus TT&L).

And the pricing you will get will vary wildly based on your ZIP code. I know i was pricing an Infiniti in my ZIP and showed no dealers who did business w/ CarsDirect. But using an Atlanta ZIP got me a "target" price just over invoice.

FWIW, using a Birmingham ZIP I get a target price $200 over invoice on all Titans (less the rebate).
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