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CC set light blinking with Uprev

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This is how I change my tunes and I'm guessing that since it's blinking again, for the 4th time in 6 monts on and off, I wont be able to switch out of map 1. Anyone else have Uprev with blinking set CC light? What a PITA!!!!!!! I've searched the forum and found that it could be a switch or brake pedal switch. I'm guessing it's not a bad switch if it works on and off like it does. Any ideas?
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I had it blinking once and called UPREV and they emailed a different ROM, which solved the problem. But I have an 04 with the smaller memory ECU.
Never seen that, just call Uprev my friend. If anyone has heard of the problem...they have
It was blinking before Uprev but I'll call them:)
Just try switching, and see what happens
So it was preexistent? Nothing to do with UpRev?
It happened to me once, I just disconnected the battery for 5 minutes and it went back to normal, not sure it will work for you, but worth a try.
So it was preexistent? Nothing to do with UpRev?
Started 6 moths b4 uprev. Cipher says its a brake switch, so does that mean its going bad? I cleared the code. By the way tb, what times do you run? Hows the drone with that 24"?
My best time was without my old Truetrac, but still with Drag Radials. 14.6 at 93.04. I got my Tune updated slightly on a Dyno afterwards, hope to hit low 14's this year. I'm going to lighten up a little bit. Bedrug, Rearseat, Tailgate to be removed, etc. I only notice the exhaust when accelerating, otherwise fairly quiet. it doesn't bother me or the family, so must not be too bad.
I have to clear that same code (p1654 I think) at least 2-3 times each way to work just to use cc. Thank god I have bdgt and it only takes 5 seconds, but a very big pita.
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