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CD Player problem-please help

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Yesterday I was driving home and I was listening to a new cd that I had jus burned. I pressed the switch on the steering wheel to go back a song and it changed from the 6th disc to the 1st and thats when it broke. It said to press the eject button so I did and then it beeped three times and nothing else happened. I tried ejecting all the cds and pressing the load button for each one but all it does it beep at me and arguing with a cd player can't be sane... has this happened to anyone else? and its jus a stock cd player but I would love it if it wouldn't eat my cds... Any comments, help, and even insults are welcome. :)
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Try unhooking the battery for a little while, then hooking it back up. I seen others with weird radio issues and that seemed to fix them. Worth a shot anyway!!
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