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CD Player problem-please help

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Yesterday I was driving home and I was listening to a new cd that I had jus burned. I pressed the switch on the steering wheel to go back a song and it changed from the 6th disc to the 1st and thats when it broke. It said to press the eject button so I did and then it beeped three times and nothing else happened. I tried ejecting all the cds and pressing the load button for each one but all it does it beep at me and arguing with a cd player can't be sane... has this happened to anyone else? and its jus a stock cd player but I would love it if it wouldn't eat my cds... Any comments, help, and even insults are welcome. :)
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LilBun32 said:
Well good now I can talk my dad into finally getting a real system for it! lol. And ya its still under warranty, jus by 5k miles. but hey under warranty is under warranty. My favorite cds are in there and I'm havin withdrawals! lol thanx for the help
Even if you do decide to go aftermarket I'd still take it back to a dealer and have them replace it for you before the warranty runs out. That way when you try to sell it you will have one that works to put back in it.
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