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Center Bevel Replacement...ideas?

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I know this is a common problem. I have a 04 Titan LE. My center bevel and top speaker cover thing are completely destroyed. The sun killed it, and I have huge chunks missing. Hate the way it looks, want to try to figure something out. I understand HOW to fix it, thats not the issue. So here are my main questions:

I looked at just buying a new bevel piece, which seems to run around 200 bucks. I have also recently thrown around the idea of getting a BU camera and a screen for it (obviously). I figure if I'm already in there working on it, I may as well upgrade something. What are some good brands/kits to look at? What are the average price range of this kind of thing? I really don't know much, have researched some and will continue to do so.

I have seen mods where people used iPads for a nav. Can you also hook that up to a camera? Is it worth it?

Any other tips/advice is welcome!
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