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I'm hoping someone here has been through this situation and can offer some advice. I have a 2006 LE Crew Cab w/ RF Audio and no navigation. I needed to replace the center bezel...the one that goes around the radio/HVAC with the speaker hole and cigarette light holes. I found one listed on eBay described as "New Instrument Panel Lid Bezel For 04-06 Nissan Titan" "Fits 2004-2006 Nissan Titan (LE,SE)", "with speaker". The picture looks identical to the one in my truck so I ordered it.

After receiving it and attempting to install it, I found the the Radio/HVAC panel wouldn't quite fit in the new bezel.


The dimensions of the new bezel were slightly different than the one that cam from the factory in my truck. It's really difficult to see the difference but if you measure, you realize they are different.

Stock Bezel:

Replacement Bezel:


There was a previous post where someone seemed to run into the same problem:

There wasn't a lot of detail but the gist of it was that there are two similar parts, 68257-7S000( I think the post had a typo) and 68257-ZC31A that could be easily mistaken. Before I ordered this part I thought the variations were simply with speaker or with navigation or neither. Apparently, there's at least one more variation.

My question is what is the difference between these two and how do I know which one is which? Often, the aftermarket parts don't list an OEM part number for comparison. And the OEM version is very expensive.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!


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