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Hey guys,

Scott here off the VTCOA Forum inviting yall to some Down South racing action with a Centex Street Truck Shootout. It will be held June 25th at Little River Raceway outside Temple Texas. Starting time will be added shortly! All makes will be invited! There will be the Dodge Viper Rams as well as Hemis and some 4.7s, there will be SS Silverados and Cammed Silverados, Ford Lightnings and Harley Trucks, Toyota Tundras, and of course the mighty Titans. We hope to have a big showing and meet members with the same blood just a different type if ya catch my drift. It WON'T be a forum war literally where we have fights and whatnot. The mouthy ones can prove it on the track! Anyone can claim a time, let's see people run these times. Normal track rules will apply and if you are faster than a 13.99 you WILL need a helmet.
I will post more in the next several days as more info becomes available.

Thanks and look forward to seeing some of yall there!:hi:
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