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Change fluid now or wait?

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I have about 7k to go before I hit 30k.

I have a 2wd XE KC w/o BT and the orig rear diff (which looks to be in mint condition... no warning signs of any kind there there's problems brewing).

I've added all the tow equipment (oem hitch, brake controller, tranny temp gauge).

I purchased the '05 finned rear diff cover but am wondering now if I shouldn't just wait until I hit 30k to change out the fluid.

I have a camper trailer that weighs in around 4grand that I may be towing a couple times between now and when I hit 30k on the odometer. The trips wouldn't be any crazy long distances (couple hundred miles round trip for each of the trips) but I do have to go over a couple of mountain passes between here any my destinations. Nothing crazy... all highway travel, but there will be some climbing involved.

Am I okay to wait until 30k so I can just do the read diff then with everything else, or should I really do it now? And if I should really do it now, does that mean I can wait until 60K to change it out again? I'd like to keep on the normal schedule if at all possible... but definitely don't wanna trash my rear diff.

Thanks for the input gents!
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I changed mine at 1100 miles and it was really dirty. The fluid was cloudy grey with metalic reflection. The magnet also had atleast 1/4" of crud attached to it.

I would change it right away after seeing what I saw with mine in a new truck.
I vote for change it and put the new cover on. You can also take a good look at the spider gears, ring gear and clean the crude out the bottom. After all this, you might sleep better at night. :)
I also changed my rear fluid after about 1000 miles...I highly recomend changing it ASAP and be done with it...
Change it,your profile say you have an 04 Titan.
If you have not changed it yet,do so now.The 04's did not have synthetic fluid that is now recommended. The new fluid and the finned cover will help to reduce friction temp's.
I would change this every 15k if you are towing!
i changed it. thanks for the input gents.

it was actually a rear diff cover swap too. put the finned 05 version on there.

haven't actually seen a pic of the inside of a diff on here before so thought i'd shoot one of mine. it's attached. this is a stock 04 2wd rear diff w/o big tow (in case that matters) for those curious about what they were looking at.

also is a pic of my drain plug. based on everything i've read here, i think mine looked very good considering it's out of a stock 04 diff.

thanks for the tips!


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