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Changing out my exhaust need help or input?

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I'm looking at getting some new mufflers or a new muffler. Right now I'm running JBA headers--->NO CATS or Bpipes--->magnaflow xpipe--->dual bullets--->dumped after the rear axel. Now let me tell you it is FREAKING LOUD. I always get props for it and a major ear catcher, yet I always get some complaints and i believe the drone and raspy sound is getting to me. Even after resonated tips the CIS is still there. Don't get me wrong when I get on it sounds like a freaking drag car but right now I'm wanting something more throaty and loud. The bullets aren't as throaty as I thought. So I'm thinking of borlas? Maybe the Xr-1? I still want the drag car sound when WOT but not the CIS when driving around town. Help.
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