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Changing to a chrome rear bumper with sonar cutouts - question

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I just purchased a new chrome bumper with the sonar cutouts to replace my silver XE bumper.

I heard and assume the Titan sensors run about $100 apiece ($400), so I've gotten creative and bought a wireless sensor kit that cost me $30 total.

The sensors are black, and slightly smaller than the bumper holes, so today I made some black plastic washers for front and back to make these sensors fit the bumper.

Question: The control unit has 2 wires to connect -- RED to the backup light hot, and BLACK to ground. Which wires in the tow harness do I connect these to?

I think the hot goes to the YELLOW wire (kind of a pale yellow) and ground goes to WHITE, but theres 2 white wires (does it matter)

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The center connector of the 7pin connector is the reverse. Trace the wire that goes to the center.
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