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Cheap azz spare tire !!!!

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I just checked under my new truck. Nissan decided to cheap out on us and give us a full size spare....on a cheap steel wheel! WTF?! $40,000 for a new truck and I get a steelie? My 04 SE had a full size spare on a 5th alloy wheel! :futwice:
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That sucks! I thought it was great that Nissan had the 5th alloy. I thought Nissan would be better than cutting corners like most of the other manufacturers out there.
Don't forget the plastic radiators and the Tonka Toy differentials.
They also stopped putting running boards as standard items on the LE's. They are now a $300 option.

That's why I had them take the factory step rails off my 04 and put them on the new truck.
That was a great thought you had. On my 2005 in the inside corners of the bed there were black tie down loops. Are they there in your 08? As you know I downsized back to a Frontier and the loops were stopped this year and they cost me $9 each plus the bolts. Had I used your creative thinking I'd have taken them out of the old truck and transferred them to the new truck.
The Frontier is still a nice truck but she's no Titan. It's amazing how all the Nissans use the same oil filter. The best part so far is on a recent highway trip I got 22.8 miles per gallon. Hope you're enjoying the new truck, may she serve you well.

Didnt they switch to a steel wheel spare a while ago?
Gotta love the world of cost cutting and increasing profits....

My '07 Titan CC 4x4 LE has a steel wheel for a spare. I've never owned a vehicle that didn't have a cheap steel wheel for a spare, so it was design's mistake for originally releasing the Titan with an alloy wheel as a spare in the first place. Sometimes, I think that the designers are idiots that drive electric cars and don't ever do activities that involve heavy items and requires sweating or getting cold.
Yes I have the 4 black metal tie downs along with the utilitrak. I've never used them before though. I always use the cleats.
I took the step rails because the kids can't get in the damn And they were giving me no more on the trade for them so...I kept em'. I took my Nissan bug deflector also. The soft tonno was a no-go because of the different bed size. Thanks, I'm loving it. Hope your Fronty serves you as well as my 02 SC CC LB did.
spoonman said:
Didnt they switch to a steel wheel spare a while ago?
Maybe. I don't know. I only know I had the alloy on my 04.
spoonman said:
Didnt they switch to a steel wheel spare a while ago?
Nope, my 07 came with a full size matching spare.
My 07 did come with the cheap steel wheel as well. I think later in 07 they changed that over.
My 08 came with a full size alloy...
My 07 CC 4x4 came with a steel.
it must be the luck of the draw. I remember someone with an 06 complaining that they got a steel spare. I remember because i almost sold them an extra wheel i had so that they could have 5 alloys to rotate their tires using the spare.
You got screwed if you have a steel spare (unless it's now by trim-package.) My father's new '08 LE has a matching alloy spare. Did you happen to go back to the dealer, or at least walk the lot and check underneath the various models?

As for the step rails now being optional, I call that an improvement. Not everyone wants rails, and not everyone wants Nissan step rails. Why not give more options to the consumer? Heck, that's what half the b!tching on here is about anyways; not being able to customize options.
I wish I hadn't read this post. Now I am going to have to go outside with a flashlight and see what I have.
My 08 came with a full size alloy...[/QUOTE]

Same here
I have alloy too. Whew, I will sleep better now.

I wonder if Pro-4X has steel because rim is wider to accomodate 285 tires? Also, steel is strong like bull.
I think I remember that my 08 had a steel wheel. If that's the case I'm going to the lots after closing and looking at the rest of the trucks there.
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