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Cheaper Radio Clips for Bezel

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I was looking for replacement clips for my Radio bezel,
These things are expensive..

Around $5 each for a stupid little clip from the dealer
You can get em' a little cheaper from the online parts dealers

But I found the Infiniti version, which I am going to get four tomorrow
I assume it's the same thing,

80 cents each!

msrp is $1.07

I'm going to try to score some tomorrow from my local Fini Dealer.

found this on infiniti partsusa. com

go to Instrument panel ,
select Collision Catalog, QX56, Instrument panel components ,Finish panel ,Clip

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well the Infiniti Dealer had them for $4.xx and had to order them.

I needed some and went ahead an ordered them. So I don't know if the ones from the web would work. There is also a plastic clip behind the bezel surround this one was around a $1.

When I get the part from the Infiniti dealer I will see if the part number matches up with the 80 cent part from the web.
This well be good too know when you get them. A lot of guys well thank you if they are the same. I don't thank anyone is happy with their stock tuners but me, and are always swapping out their tuners and faceplate's.
Well this turned out to be pretty much no dice.

The Inifiniti Dealer gave me part 69674-5Z000 which is identical to the Nissan Part, same number. Best Price online seems to be $3.48, which with the shipping makes it hard to beat locally at $4.63.

Still a rip for these little breakable parts.

I tried some generic ones from AutoZone, but they didn't SPring wide enough to get a good firm hold.
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