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Check engine light... under 2k miles

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Bummed, hopefully nothing major but the check engine light came on last night.

Dealership said as long as its not flashing and the truck is running like normal could be as simple as a gas cap. Will find out tomorrow. it just doesn't seem like they make things to last anymore
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My 2014 popped a vdc and abs light on my way home after purchase...literally drove off the lot and had the dash lit up like a Christmas tree. When I got home I called the dealership, they ssid bring it in the next day and they would run diagnostics. They were suprised that it popped lights with less than 100 miles on the odometer. Long story short, a simple reset was all it needed. Not a problem since...42k later.
Good luck with the truck it's probably nothing serious, share the dealerships findings please

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