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Check engine light... under 2k miles

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Bummed, hopefully nothing major but the check engine light came on last night.

Dealership said as long as its not flashing and the truck is running like normal could be as simple as a gas cap. Will find out tomorrow. it just doesn't seem like they make things to last anymore
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So how is everything now ? truck just had the check engine light come on and will take in tomorrow since Dealer is closed today (Sunday). Truck is running fine and I don't think it's the gas cap.
My code was po448 evap vent control valve. Had my oil changed while truck was in too (was due in another couple hundred miles) and now everything is great again. The dealer asked if I drive on a lot of dirt roads because this valve usually doesn't need replaced so soon. I don't drive on any dirt roads, but it has been windy, so who knows ? Covered under warranty :)

Side note: They said it's time to replace in cabin air filter,, Dealer 120.00 so no way, bought two filters at autozone for under 40.00. Careful guys the new 17+ Titans don't have a screw on the filter cover anymore, it's now a cheap tab on each side of cover. The closest one pops off easy but the other side is a far reach (same spot as all Titans behind glove box) and I broke it off. No big deal as it seems to hold fine with just one tab. There is also a bunch of wires/cables that help hole the cover on. I'm pretty sure the filter would stay in even if you chucked the cover... I thought about that-lol
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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