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Check engine light... under 2k miles

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Bummed, hopefully nothing major but the check engine light came on last night.

Dealership said as long as its not flashing and the truck is running like normal could be as simple as a gas cap. Will find out tomorrow. it just doesn't seem like they make things to last anymore
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So got the call that it is fixed. He said they had to reflash the CPU... I asked why he said there was an update to the CPU like there is an update to your phone. yeah ok... so all trucks throw a code when a new cpu update comes out yeah dont think so.

they probably just cleared the codes. Curious to see what the work order says.
The reflash probably fixed whatever was causing the cel. I doubt the service writer meant the cel came on because there was an update available, that would be ridiculous. I'd be interested to see what the code was.
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