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Find V-Tec Wizard custom wheels by size [please call for price and availability for models not listed.]

V-Tec wheels are the result of exceptionally imaginative design and boldly strong construction. A focus on superior engineering and manufacturing has resulted in wheels that exceed all expectations. Proven on the street time and time again, V-Tec wheels offer the ideal solution for drivers who demand an uncompromising combination of function and style. Powerful performance and tenacious endurance are hallmarks of V-Tec wheels, with a generous helping of impressive looks included as well. Why give up anything? V-Tec has what you're looking for.​

  • OE and aftermarket TPMS compatible
  • Load rated up to 2100 pounds
  • One piece cast aluminum

17x8.5 6-139.7 +12mm offset (5.25" BS)
17x8.5 6-139.7 -12mm offset (4.25" BS)

18x9 6-139.7 +12mm offset (5.5" BS)
18x9 6-139.7 -12mm offset (4.5" BS)
18x9 6-139.7 0mm offset (5.0" BS)
18x9 6-139.7 +30mm offset (6.2" BS)

20x9 6-139.7 +0mm offset (5" BS)
20x9 6-139.7 +18mm offset (5.72" BS)
20x9 6-139.7 +30mm offset (6.2" BS)

22x9.5 6-139.7 +0mm offset (5.23" BS)
22x9.5 6-139.7 +23mm offset (6.41" BS)


" If you are running the V-Tec Wizard wheel, post your review along with a picture or two. We, as well as the V-Tec, would love to read them"

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Looks sweet!!! I bought a pair of V-Tec Raptors from you to use w/ my DR's @ the track. They look great going down the track!

One thing i would have to note on them is be extremely careful while putting the lugs on. I chipped the powdercoating around the holes pretty easily when manually tightening the lugs.
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