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HudsonValleyTitan said:
To those of us who have no idea what your invoice was, how much did you pay for the truck then? There's not a Nissan built today worth ANYTHING near $40K IMO!
I have been looking at the 08s to replace my 04 CC LE OR BT. I saw a blizzard LE Long bed for over $45K MSRP. This was the factory sticker not dealer BS. Every option was checked on the order list on that truck. Now with the rebate you could pick up this truck for about 35K. By the way I might pull the triger tomorrow. I narrowed it down to two 4X4 LEs: Short bed sand stone basic with couple of options (MSRP 39700) or a long bed Blizzard (MSRP 40,440).
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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