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Check your fluid levels after dealer "service"!!!

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Have ha my Titan for a few months now and generally love it. But a couple months back, I took it in becaisenof fluid all over my rear differential. After about 30 minutes, service manage comes inwaitng room to tell me that allyhe fluid was from the transmission. He said there was a bad end on trans line going to tranny cooler and fluid leak was gettng blown back when in motion and cathing on diff...???? Repair was to include new hose and refill transmission (explained ocassional trans slip...).

Well. Didn't think much more about it until this recent cold weather. Felt very minor shift/slip in tranny. I didn't check when change oil last month at 3200 miles, as the trip to dealer had been so recent.

What did I discover? After driving about 15 miles to ge tranny good and warm, I unbolted and pulls trans dipstick. Fluid didn't even touch the tip of stick!!! Took almost a quart to get it up to the lowere part of the hashed zon on the stick. Drbe it around the block and checoed again and level good. Haven't felt any slip since. No puddles or even hint of leak underside of truck. Otside of diff is dry as well.
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