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Chicagoland Titan owners...where are you?

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I finally saw my first Titan other than mine over the weekend and that made me think that there has to be others out there somewhere.

If you are in the Chicagoland area, speak up, we need to get together somewhere and show off these incredible machines to the others out there that are not as fortunate as us.
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My neighbor has an '04 Hemi Ram 1500. That was my 1st choice for a new vehicle until I saw and drove the Titan. After that, there was no other choice. You should have seen his reaction when I drove up in my new Titan - he was so jealous.

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I just picked mine up yesterday! Silver SE Crew Cab 4x4.

Popular w/ Capitan's Chairs
Big Tow
Off Road
Utili-Track Bed Package

Lovin' everything about it so far!
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