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chip for my titan and ? bout dyno testing...

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i'm looking for a chip for my 07' titan. i found on ebay allot and at stores just online.... they all do the same, they all just mess with the air/fuel ratio but some say guarantee at least 35+ hp or 10+ hp does nebody have a chip that really works..... and also about how much does it cost to go get a dyno test?
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There is no such thing!!

There are no chips for the Titan!!

Only Software!!!
What he said ^^^^^^^^
Closest thing you can get to a "chip" is the VKPro or the Osiris Reflasher. VKpro doesn't offer anything for the 07s yet. Osiris can get you tuned for 700 with cipher software too. 500 for 5 tunes, but you have to mail in your ECU. 300 for just 1 tune aswell.
On N/A vehicles, a good tune will yield 10-15whp throughout the rev range. It's really not worth it unless your planning on puting a CAI and exhaust. That ebay stuff is just junk, stay away from it.

so ur telling me that this module is a pos? and them talkin about the fuel/air ratio is b.s.? i already have a brute force cai and a exhaust......... oh ya and does neone know hoe much a dyno wld run me?
Yeah man, that thing is crap!

If you want more power, get an Uprev Tune!

Dyno could run you like 80-150 bucks. Not sure on that though.
For $24.99, I think it would be better off taking your girl to denny's or something. :jester:

All joking aside, stay away from that ebay crap. Or if your really seriouse and don't believe us, you can always try it out and report back to us how impressive that +35hp was. :jester:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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