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Chose a Titan as my first truck

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Hi everyone, I hail from Western NY. ! I recently picked up an 05 Titan SE as my 2nd vehicle. My other car is an 07 Civic Si. I'd like to daily the Titan, short distance to and from work. I won't be towing much yet until I get a car trailer, however I am interested in doing some snow plowing in the winter to make some extra money. If anyone does that with their Titan, id love to hear from you.

This is my first truck. After extensive reviews, the Titan beat out F150s, Chevys, and Rams in my area. Under the truck is great, a few nicks on the body, but nothing major. No major mechanical flaws, miles are are at 120xxx. I always enjoy working on my own vehicles, unless its too complicated. I look forward to seeing all the DIY articles.

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