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chrome bottom bumper

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I have an black xe cc. I am looking for the the bottom chrome bumper that comes on SE and LE trucks. Does anyone know where to find one? preferebly new
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if you really want it you should try the junk yard first. but my suggestion is paint it to match the color of the truck. it would go well with the black plastic pieces that come with it instead of chrome. and it's much cheaper.
my front bumper already is black i was looking for a chrome one to change it out. Its all black now I want to add some chrome to change it up a little.
oh i thought you were talking about the back, sorry. step it up a notch. get one of the nice front bumpers they got at Stillen. Looks way better than stock. not to be rude but if you wanted the chrome you should have got an SE.
that was the only option i wanted that the SE came with. Not worth the money to buy an SE for only the chrome bumper.
albonismo said:
... get one of the nice front bumpers they got at Stillen.
I have a similar request; just picked up the Pro4x4 LE (Red Alert) and the whole front bumper + grille is red. Looks like someone dipped the front of the truck in a bucket of paint. It's got a sexy red & black theme going on so I was thinking of painting the grill piece black... but need to do something with the center bumper piece. I think I'd like to have it chrome - is that part available? and\or can someone link me to any good Titan bumper sites? I'm not finding anything on for the '08, or even the '07.
You can't just trade out the chrome piece. The XE's are one piece bumpers where the SE and LE's are three pieces. Plus, the bumper mounts are different. You have to change out the brackets along with the bumper to change from chrome to color or color to chrome. That being said. I have an '05 Red Alert that I'm wanting to swap my CHROME for a painted version. I would prefer it to be Red Alert already but it doesn't have to be.

I'm in the Tulsa, OK area
the chrome replacement is gonna run you about 350... mine is a little dinged up from me being in a hurry. i haven't replaced it yet because funds are short and i know as soon as i do i'll bump the new one, dammit. it's murphy's law of replacing things.

when i level my truck i'll spend some time on the front end, pull the bumper and see if i can't make it look decent...
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