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Chrome Front End on 2008 Pro4X?

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Hi folks,

I am a newbie to the Titan world, just ordered a 2008 Pro4X CC SWB... I would have liked to get the fully loaded LE, but they force you to get the LWB, which as some on the forums have said, is a freakin Land Yacht, way too much truck for my needs... and I would rather be able to actually park the thing.

So the only real option if you want a loaded Titan CC with a SWB is to go Pro4X now.

I like the styling of the Pro4X interior, and I can live without the LE electronic doo dads (nav, dvd, etc) though the dual climate would have been nice. But...

I really like the chrome front end of the SE and LE models... No idea why they punished the Pro4X crowd with such a bland front end.

Is it possible to put an LE style chrome front-end on a Pro4X, and if so, what might it cost?

Thanks in advance.
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My new 08 CrewCab 4x4 LE is swb. I looked at the Pro4x also,but wanted the chrome front(BUGS). It was hard to find a crew LE 4x4 with the towing package,my local dealer couldn't get me one without ordering it. I found mine about 150mi from home in neighboring La (i'm from Ms) after lots of phone calls to dealerships in both states:)


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Hmm, seems to be some crazy Canadian restriction. Just checked the build website and they don't offer the LE 4x4 CC in anything but a long bed.

I guess as a bonus we get tow packages on pretty much all the models by default. But I would rather have the option for chrome front end.

So does anyone know if I can change up the front after the fact?
Maybe a trip south could get you what you want!! LOL
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