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Cipher log tuning help please. Is my drag strip track uphill?

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After many trips to the strip pre and post tune, pre and post headers, I think I have leveled out enough, time wise, to do some serious analysis of my Cipher log. Originally, pre tune and headers, my best time was 15.88 with just intake and exhaust. Post tune but pre headers, my best time was 15.085. post headers and tune to match, my best time was 14.093. These runs were all in very similar weather with the most recent ones during the hottest days. When tuned, they are generic tunes by UpRev. I don't understand a couple of things in regards to my track times either. I raced a Tundra DC twice and he was running a 15.05 bone stock. I raced a Hemi SC with tune exhaust and intake and he ran 15.47. These trucks are known to run quicker than this and so is mine. Is my track up hill or what, lol. Is the heat that detrimental to times? I have reports from up north, similar weather of Tundras putting down 14.46 stock and a time slip from last year in August at my track of a Hemi with similar mods as the one above putting down a 15.08. Is my truck and these other trucks a half second off the pace due to weather? Are they just not running right? I have attached my 0-60 Cipher log from last night in PDF format, sorry for the 20 pages, I would like some insight if anyone has any to offer. Thanks in advance for the help.


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One thing I have found with this beast......she loves fuel!!! The Titan is a Torque monster.....and lean isn't good for Torque.

Get that AFR down to mid 12's instead of mid 13's and you'll drop a couple tenths in that 0-60. And yes...heat and humidity....really hurts times. Also watch the Barometric pressure.
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