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Clarion N.I.C.E. questions

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Is it possible to bypass the clarion system so a DVD could be shown while the truck is in motion? I have seen a vague mention of an on/off switch, but never found a definite answer.

On the same bypass note. Are ALL of the Nav and Sirius funcitons available when in motion? I have seen some cars where they were limited while moving.

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I don't know about by-passing for the DVD, but since it is tied into the units antenna, I would say no. However, I have not tried playing any movies while in motion. I think some people have done the mod to stereos that contained navigation (Kenwood, Alpine, etc). I believe units those are tied to the parking brake. As for Nav and Sirius operation while in motion, I have no issue. I can make changes to my route and set up a new route while in motion. My Sirius is the same can make channel changes without any issues.
Thanks for the response. Those other features are nice.
DVD in motion:
From what I can tell, it cannot be done. Now I need to decide if it is a deal breaker for me. I have a player and screen for the back already. I just want to be able to get a movie started for the kids. I guess I could do that from a stop... Still would be nice to have control while moving if needed.
Interesting point. I just received my NICE yesterday and didn't realize that motion would disable the Video in. I was going to use it in conjunction with a Mac Mini for Video and Itunes , But if I can't access the video while driving my next step will be a straight carputer with a navigation program.
The NICE uses the GPS antenna to tel if it is in motion, so as far as I know no work around to watch movies.
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