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Clarion NICE install w/ pics

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I installed a Clarion NICE unit this weekend and thought I post a couple pics in case anyone cares. Was more time consuming then I thought it would be but I am sorta anal and work slowly. I am fairly pleased with outcome. I got the unit on eBay for 400, spent another 150 on bezel. Material to make the bracket was 5 dollars. Camera was 40 (eBay)

I made a bracket based on what a guy on CA did and it worked pretty well. If I was to do it again I woulds make the bracket from 5052 aluminum (sheet metal) and then you would not have to cut the backside of the IP support structure as much. It is all hidden though so not a real big deal. I attached the USB and the AV input to the unit and have them zip tied behind glove box for lading MP3s. I used a rectangular marine toggle switch in an unused position (next to the TOWMODE switch) to shut the unit off . I was going to buy a cargo lamp switch but could not bear to spend the 50 dollars my dealer wanted for it. The marine toggle blends pretty good. I wired the +12V to the accs. side power plug. I had a flashing air bag light after I was done but a quick search here found the reset procedure...these sites rock, I have learned sooo much here.

I have a backup camera installed but did not run the wiring yet.

I have a couple questions, has anyone updated the map software? The POI is crappy, I tried like 3 or 4 local things and it has none of them. I received a CD with the unit but did not install it, I assumed it was same as what was loaded since it was with the unit. Has anyone uploaded the newer the even any updated data? Clarion FAQ says updates are sometime available for $$, but I can't find any to buy from the


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looks clean.:hat: whats the size on the screen?
Very nice install, I have always like the NICE in the factory bezel look.
Thanks, I scratched the very bottom of the bezel with the console housing slightly in process though, not that bad but enough I notice it. I hate to do things like that, especially to couple month old truck. I was feeling pretty sick about it, but had to point it out to my wife and she said she could still barely see it. So either she being supportive spouse or I am hard on myself.

It is 7" screen. I went with NICE because I saw on these sites how it fit into factory nav bezel. And I got it cheap on eBay.
really nice install, I didn't know it fit that well. Looks great!
very nice
all i have is a crapy 6.5"

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I did the same install earlier this year. It took a litte time, but was well worth it and I listen to Sirius all the time. The navigation is pretty neat, but don't travel a much to use it. As far as updated software, Clarion has not updated thier software for the N.I.C.E.
Thanks for the kind words. I did the back up camera tonight, will post pics tomorrow, it is late and I need to take a shower and do some work-work. I am not 100% happy with resolution of my 40 dollar eBay camera,I will have to see what it looks like in daylight, pretty crappy at night.
mneal said:
Thanks, I scratched the very bottom of the bezel with the console housing slightly in process though, not that bad but enough I notice it.
I feel ya on that one. I did the same thing when I pulled the bezel to install my tranny temp gauge.

I'm wondering if these light scratches in the bezel plastic can be "buffed" out with a super fine polish if some sort. I was even thinking that maybe something like toothpaste would be enough abrasive to polish out the light scratch. Didn't want to bust out the crest though until I knew for sure. LOL.

Anyone know of a fix (other than replacement... LOL)?
Is there a another product like the NICE on the market? I don't need the Sat radio or USB stuff. I just want it for the nav. Any touch screen nav systems that will fit in the factory hole?

Does the NICE have an external speaker for voice directions or do you have use your AUX?
It has a external speaker. I hear you on extra features, I really wanted a backup camera and nav only but you seem to get the kitchen sink.
Great install.

I have a couple of questions about the bezel mounting bracket. Where did you get the bezel from and where did you find info on making the mounting bracket (I assume it's the blue thing in the pictures)?
Yea the blue thing a bracket I made out of polyethylene..I used that cause I had a scrap piece around. If I had to do it again, I would make the bracket from sheet-metal. I used the basic concept from a guy over on the Armada forum. The bezel came from courtesy Nissan.
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