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Clarion NICE Map Update now available

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I saw on the armada site there is finally a map and POI update for the Clarion NICE. At $99 it is better price then I feared.

I am waiting for reports on the quality of the upgrade, but leaning toward buying it.
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I know this has been beat to death already, (and I did do a search, that just got me more confused) but exactly how did you "wire" up your NICE. I've seen a ton of installs in my searching, but no one really specified how to do the "wire" up...I bring this up cause all I was waiting for was the Map Update to be released before I pulled the trigger on the NICE. Thanks in advance.
I wanted to let every know the update is going back up for sale in June 2008.

There was an OS issue and it is fixed.

If you have any question please see Horrizon nav web site, e-mail them for questions.
Any word on this? Still no live link from Clarion. :eh:
I just spoke to Tony from Clarion and there are no updates for the CLARION N.I.C.E. and there will be no updates for it either. I would not suggest this navigation system to anyone because you will not be able to update it. Current users can go to [email protected] to voice your opinion about this inconsiderate decision on behalf of Clarion. The system cost too much money (about $500 to 1,000) for hard working people to be told their unit is outdated and to just "buy another one".
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