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"clean" diesel plug-in hybrid 4wd Titan?

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if Nissan builds a "clean" (CA legal) diesel plug-in hybrid 4wd with more HP/weight (5500/330=16.7 #/HP) & Torque then my '04's I'd gladly buy it to replace my current Titan.

would you?

how much more would you paid, say in %?
id pay 20% more than what i paid my 2004 for, 5~6K more
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$6K dollars is a lot of money for some folks. That could almost buy you a nice used economy car. I'd rather do that than spend a boatload of money on a hybrid 4x4 Titan. Oh, don't get me wrong. The concept is great and is certainly the wave of the future, but the practicality is of dubious value right now. Hybrids will always be more expensive than their gasoline counterparts.

I think they need to cool it with the HP wars on today's vehicles though. 400hp and 500tq is more than enough for the average 1/2 ton truck. If you want more, just mod it. If you tow real heavy loads, not just a few 2x4's from Lowes every couple of weeks, get a diesel. Cars/trucks are already too fast these days. There's a lot more aggressive drivers on the road due to this fact because they know they have the power to act like azzes.

I'd rather have two vehicles, a Titan and a nice used economy car, than just one expensive Hybrid Titan. That is, until they outlaw gasoline engines all together in the distant future. lol!
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Unless Nissan builds a HD Titan, a Diesel option would be a waste. The truck already has more power than a 1/2 ton needs to do what a 1/2 ton can safely be used for. Diesels are for heavy towing trucks and high mileage little cars. And the couple MPG you may get with this new low sulfur Diesel would only be worth the extra engine cost if gas went back to near $5 a gallon.
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