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clear bra

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I Had The Clear Bra Put On Yesterday. It Covers The Front Painted Part Of Bumper,headlights,and Hood.came Out Really Nice.i Was Given A Can Of This Plastic Spray With Just Spray It On And Wipe It Leaves The Finish Slick And Shiny.took 4 Hours To Put It On,i Watched The Guy Do It And Would Not Want To Try It Myself.not Cheap But At Least I Dont Have To Worry About Road Chips To The Front. Guaranteed For 7 Years
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i've been inquiring about a clear bra myself. i also wanna protect the chrome on the front as well as the chrome on the back of the mirrors, but i don't think they make a kit that protects those areas though. I'm not even sure if covering the chrome would be wise or look nice.......i'm thinking the "bra would make the chrome look dull or less brilliant with it on. Which brand did you get??
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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