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Clicking Drivers Seat While Turning

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Hi guys and girls. I have an 05 SE with power drivers seat. When i turn and my weight shifts in the seat I hear a clicking like somethings not tight underneath. I took it it dealer but got the "could not recreate problem" response. So i decided to take matters into my own hands and investigate. I took the seat out and I found out what the problem was. The brackets that hold the seat pan to the frame were loose and wobbly, problem is there is no way to tighten them up as in the pics. They are joined by a press pin that you can't tighten. So i took a dremel tool or any other cutter wheel or grinder and ground off the inside head of the pin and then i used a bolt with a plastic washer in between the pieces and a nylock lock nut to tighten the bolt so that it wouldn't loosen up. I like the nylon lock nut because you can adjust the tightness in very small increments until it is tight but not too tight and it will stay there. Put it back in and no more squeak. Should take about an hour for the whole thing. Not a big problem fixed but any annoying one if you have it.


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Cool find!!!! :cheers:
mine does the same occasionally. could be some coins.
get a high powered vacuum and go'd be amazed on what gets lodged down there...
i've had my driver's seat replace twice under warranty for being loose like that... same noise...
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