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Clicking Nittos

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The first time I heard it I thought my axle was about to break or something. Every now and then I am driving and I hear this not loud but definitely noticeable clicking noise that is caused by large rocks/pebbles getting stuck in the Terra Grapplers. I just pull over and get the rock out when it really annoys me. Does this happen to anyone else? In all the threads I searched before buying the tires no one ever mentioned this. Don't get me wrong though, I still love the tires.
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yeah it happens to me happened with the sra's sometimes...i just keep driving and hope that it will work itself out, but like you said if it's really bugging me, i'll get out and get the rock out...
It's happened just once or twice to me, if it really bugs you then stay away from the BFG A/T's...they hold small rocks and pebbles for miles!
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