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I made the trek up to Boulder today to watch Adam put on a clinic at his Boulder headquarters. I got to meet Adam, his smoking hot wife (sorry, no pics :( ) and the rest of his crew. I met John (ZN1300 here on TT) but he was driving his Miata not his Titan.

They have a nice, clean shop and Adam did a great job of showcasing their exterior care products showing the different results between doing it by hand, using the Porter Cable and then the Flex machine. I have the Porter Cable 7424. Based on how Adam and his crew described and used the PC and Flex I'm satisfied with my PC and don't plan to upgrade to the Flex. If I was a professional then the Flex would absolutely be added to my set of tools.

I had not seen the 4" machine pads used before and I didn't realize what they were used for. So seeing Adam and his crew use these on the demo car as well as cars of other attendees (John's was one) was a learning experience.

They offered some freebies, a 15% discount and (of course) no shipping. So I walked away with a box full of stuff that my wife won't know about since it will never show up at the front door.

Adam is a character so meeting him in person was worth the trip. I was surprised at the age of most folks that were there. It was like the old folks home had loaded up the bus and dumped everyone off at Adam's shop. The old farts knew their stuff and Adam knew a few of them by name. I think the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky club must have been there as those were most of the cars in the lot when I arrived.

I have yet to use Adam's polish or wax but I do use the microfiber towels (polishing, buffing, drying and windows), machine pads, In-and-out spray, Super VRT, All purpose cleaner and a number of other products. I'll be trying out the glass sealant, glass cleaner and undercarriage spray that I bought today. The machine pads are what got me started on Adam's. They are the best I've seen.
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