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Cloth seats for free come get them

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Hey people I have a set of Cloth seats for a crew cab that I need to have GONE!!! I'm going to put them on the curb soon but if anyone that is near me and interested can come get them for free. PM me if you want to come by an get em I may bother to take a pic I may not hehe
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If it is the dark grey interior like on the 06's, I will pay you for just the cloth bottoms of the seats shipped to me in northern California.

I mostly need the 60% portion of the bottom rear seat and the cloth portion that you sit on IF it has the full split bench front seat.
If not then DEFINITELY the rear seat cover bottom. LMK

you can email me @ [email protected]
What kinda shape is the bottom cover on the driver seat in?

Mine is the 2 tone light gray outer with green center.
I will Go take a pic of the condition an color for you guys
Sorry Not shipping these things I just want to be rid of them in the fasted means possible that's why they are free for local pick up. Shipping the entire set of seats is just way to much effort Sorry
Captain chairs? Power or manual operation?
Manual bench does not have the center section as that is still in my truck
I will Go take a pic of the condition an color for you guys
You can email me the pics to the previously listed email.
Just to clarify, I only need the cloth covers and NOT the whole seat body.

Free Bump for you. :bump:
Ok just took a look at the seats as I was getting ready to take some pics it appears that they got really wet they would need professional cleaning! the drivers seat was repaired at some point but the prior owner was a smoker and there are holes in the covers. It not worth it to take the covers off in the condition they are in. I am just going to have the trashman come pick em up Sorry guys.
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