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Coil over postion

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I have a set of 2.5 ext travel saws with gregs valving I'm pretty sure they are the old style saws.

Do I flip the hat?

Also shock body down or up seen pics of both and can't tell or find a reason why called kartek as greg won't answer his phone or email and they where not sure?
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the OG saws go body down, IIRC greg had them built that way to get the most travel (not sure how)...aka the shocks are upside down

I ran the SAWS with the hat flipped (hat under the coil bucket, flat side pressed against the bottom of the coil bucket) i was able to keep the preload pretty low that way. Be warned though, your uppers may hit the coil bucket even if you're running PRG uppers.
Hey thanks for the quick reply.

So when you say hit the coil bucket do you mean when bombing over a jumps and stuf or like hitting a speed bump and regular cycling also how much preload did you run.
Only had issues at full droop. tire had to come off the ground before it'd hit.
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