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coil spring and strut question ???

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I have a 2010 Titan 4wd and as most of you know I just replaced both upper control arms (MOOG) and while having that done noticed front drivers coil spring is cracked. I was wondering what aftermarket spring is good ? I called Nissan and they want $168 for a OEM spring (for one) and he told me to google some aftermarket ones so hoping someone can help me here. I called the shop that did my 2.5 leveling spacer and they told me to just buy some "quick struts" from Napa. ???? I was thinking of buying the Billstein 5100's for the front (adjustable) but he said just buy the quick struts and reuse the spacer. What do you guys think? I do not offload I mainly had it installed for looks and to fit bigger wheels and tires when I bought it!
thanks in advance!!
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81196 is the moog 4wd spring, you can also get an OEM spring from for $86 per spring
that website is AWESOME thanks FishnAlaska
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