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coil spring and strut question ???

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I have a 2010 Titan 4wd and as most of you know I just replaced both upper control arms (MOOG) and while having that done noticed front drivers coil spring is cracked. I was wondering what aftermarket spring is good ? I called Nissan and they want $168 for a OEM spring (for one) and he told me to google some aftermarket ones so hoping someone can help me here. I called the shop that did my 2.5 leveling spacer and they told me to just buy some "quick struts" from Napa. ???? I was thinking of buying the Billstein 5100's for the front (adjustable) but he said just buy the quick struts and reuse the spacer. What do you guys think? I do not offload I mainly had it installed for looks and to fit bigger wheels and tires when I bought it!
thanks in advance!!
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Fish has given you some pretty good advice. since you're only on a leveling kit wouldn't it be ideal to order those 4x4 Moog Coils on Bilsteins set to the middle perch and eliminate the 2.5" spacer for better ride quality?
aren't the MOOG springs about a inch longer than the OEM springs ? if so could i eliminate the spacer and put it on the middle setting ?
those Moogs will give you about an inch i believe but you pretty much have 3 settings with the Bilstein's. i've read post where guys think the ride quality isn't too bad on the top perch.
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