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coil spring and strut question ???

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I have a 2010 Titan 4wd and as most of you know I just replaced both upper control arms (MOOG) and while having that done noticed front drivers coil spring is cracked. I was wondering what aftermarket spring is good ? I called Nissan and they want $168 for a OEM spring (for one) and he told me to google some aftermarket ones so hoping someone can help me here. I called the shop that did my 2.5 leveling spacer and they told me to just buy some "quick struts" from Napa. ???? I was thinking of buying the Billstein 5100's for the front (adjustable) but he said just buy the quick struts and reuse the spacer. What do you guys think? I do not offload I mainly had it installed for looks and to fit bigger wheels and tires when I bought it!
thanks in advance!!
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Moog springs are just as good, I would still stick with the Bilsteins on bottom setting, they will ride so much better than the OEM ones or quick struts. Regardless of whether or not you go off road.
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81196 is the moog 4wd spring, you can also get an OEM spring from for $86 per spring
Rockauto for the moog spring, either way would work. Personally I would do the OEM spring, but there are alot of parts that I would do aftermarket. Lots of guys have had success with the Moog springs though. I am curious though on how you think that spring was cracked. I've swapped my springs out a couple times, ridden them hard on occasion. Springs ar ehard to break.
I recently swapped out old Bilsteins for new ones, basically got these for free in a trade, otherwise I would have just left my old ones on.


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yes 5100's are adjustable, I have mine on the second perch with a 1.5" spacer, but I also have DirtKing UCA's Used my OEM 4wd springs, no cracks in mine :)
If you go with the Bilsteins make sure and follow the directions on here on how to put them together DO NOT FOLLOW THE BILSTEIN INSTRUCTIONS!
Middle setting is only 1", loosing the spacer and only putting them on the middle perch would cause him to loose 1.5" of height. However, with a 2.5" spacer and Moog upper control arms I imagine your getting some serious coil bucket contact. Getting rid of the spacer and going down to 1" in the front would significantly improve the ride.
I had my stuff in like 3 days, might depend on where you are located. I ordered mine over a weekend, got them on Wednesday or Thursday
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