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Coilover For Armada?

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I'm going to be helping a friend replace his OEM coilovers (170K!!) on his Armada. We're going to go with the Bilstein 5100's (at stock height). What else is needed? I'm considering having him buy a new coil also so we can assemble it ahead of time. If we buy a Bilstein shock and Moog coil are there are any other supplies needed, assuming we don't plan to reuse any parts off of the OEM coilover?

I did SAW coilovers on my '07 Titan. Those came as a fully assembled set so I didn't have to dismount anything from the old coilovers.
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Do the moog springs come with rubber isolators? You might need those along with hardware. I forget what all is needed for the top, top hat plate? is there one? Definitely a good idea and worth the hassle to pre assemble.

wow they're cheap lol
Maybe too cheap. I didn't see any brand name included in that listing. Down in the reviews a guy says they are Leacree (made in china) and he thought the quality was so bad that he sent them back.

We're going to be doing UCA, LCA and coilovers at the same time. I would prefer to avoid having to take the old coilovers apart for the miscellaneous parts (and have someone do it). So a complete coilover assembly would be nice.
maybe get the part numbers from the dealer and then buy it all online. PRG sells those fancy HD 5100's in springs rates 5-20% heavier then stock.. PRG Products
The guy I'm helping with this doesn't want the front end height changed, nor does he want a stiffer ride or to pay that much. I don't think we have enough time to wait for PRG to dilly dally around either. Their service has been so random the past few years. A full coilover assembly would be nice but I think we may end up having to disassemble the OEM coilovers and reuse the parts from that.
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